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Intro is the most important element for presenting your work as a DJ.Intro builds amazing atmosphere and tension before the show, raises your prestige so you become more recognizable. Notice that all music stars like Axwell, Hardwell or Martin Garrix always start their performance from an intro. Intro is your showcase!

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Choose this option If you promoting CLUB, EVENT, PARTY, RADIO STATION in your text.
Do similar if you want to use more than 2 DJ NAMES in the text.

Send us your Dj Name and proper pronunciation in an audio file. You can use a recorder app in your smartphone for this. Record the pronunciation perfectly and clearly. If we do not receive a correct pronunciation from you and the Dj Name is already recorded, a correction is additionally charged.

The text should be written correctly. We are not responsible for grammatical errors in the text and we will not correct them. If you don’t have any idea how to compose your text, no worries! You can use our ready texts. (If you want your text to be longer than specified in the package, plese use additional options.

Text should be ready and well-thought before it is recorded by our lecturer. No corrections in the text after its recording shall be possible. Corrections are additionally charged for. As far as soundtracks and effects are concerned, corrections are free of charge.

The text should include one or maximally two names of DJs or the name of a band. The text can not include names of clubs, events, and shows. If you want an intro with a promotion of a club or an event, please use FULL BRODCAST  in additional options.

Realization time is 4 work days. After that period, we send an intro to the email address that you specified in the order form (always check if you wrote a correct address). We send intros via The system automatically sends a message with a link for downloading an intro to you email address. We also send another message from our DjDrop account informing about a reception of the order and an alternative download link. If you do not receive your order after that time, there may be an error. Report such fact to us immediately through Facebook or by a text message (You will receive the contact number after placing the order. In the message, write your DJ name and the order date

Complaints can be submitted immediately after a reception of the order. We shall make every effort to correct a product that you were satisfied in 100 percent. Complaint period is additional 3 work days. Important! In case at least one points of terms of use was not met by you and you failed to send us the pronunciation of your Dj Name or there were errors in the text sent by you, complaints shall not be accepted.

8. Placing an order, you state that you became familiar with and accept the above terms of use.

If you need more text please use additional options.

Upload audio file a proper pronunciation of your DJ NAME.